Welcome to House of Kuta

Much of this site is the personal research, family information and interest of its writer.

House of Kuta is firstly a genealogical site, a study of the surname Kuta. Of which very little is known. The surname is likely Galician in origin and we hope over time that more information can be discovered about the name Kuta, the families and people that carry this surname and the many places around the world that share it in common. Kuta is found in many languages, cultures and places around the world.

House of Kuta was inspired by the work of its founder Stephen Robert Kuta who by descent is second-generation Polish/English. 

Stephen is a British Poet, Author, Genealogist, Historian, and a keen Photographer , he is a busy guy and much of his work can be found showcased on this site or available to buy via his online shop (so feel free to check it out)

The forthcoming shop will bring together two nations, The colour and beauty of Poland and the modern, pop and nouveau of England, with a big focus on these two countries histories, culture and folklore. Everything available here is either connected to these two places or relevant to the sites name ‘KUTA’ and of cause the author of this site himself.

House of Kuta is also looking for collaboration, so if you share the surname or descend from the family, if you would like to contribute stories, history, family trees, or relevant work please do get in touch.

 Stephen and his House warmly invite you.

House of Kuta is dedicated to the author’s father

For Stephen Kuta 1956 - 2018 With Love and in Memory
For Stephen Kuta 1956 – 2018
With Love and in Memory