Komarno Villages / Greek Catholic Church Records

The list below includes all villages in the diocese of Komarno, Galicia in relation to the Greek Catholic Church community. This list, in regards to my own research. To identify any members of the KUTA Family who were recorded in the Greek Catholic church records. Kuta strays / marriages between my polish lineage and Ruthenian families.

Ukraine, Western Ukraine Catholic Church Book Duplicates, 1600-1937

Indexes of baptisms through 1900 and images of baptisms, marriages, and deaths for Catholics living in the parishes of Eastern Galicia (Galizien), a province of the Austrian Empire, now located in western Ukraine. The records are duplicates created by priests for the civil authorities. Austrian place names are used in the browse because the records pre-date the period when the area belonged to Ukraine.

LINK TO RECORDS: Family Search

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