Kuta / Kyta / Kutowski

I have been doing a little more research into my surname, and found a few sources indicating that the surname Kuta is likely a shortened version of Kutowski

The name seems to have changed a few times to fit in with what was happening within Eastern Galicia which changed hands many times.

Kuta / Kuty / Kutowski – are three of the main variants, there are also many villages named the same.

if anyone can help discover more about the surname I would love to hear from you.

please find below, key information regarding these new sources.

Kutowski is a locational surname, indication ownership of, or merely origin from, a location named something along the lines of Kutowo or Kutowy. The toponymic root is uncertain, because there are too many possibilities: kut “heel or ankle-bone,” kuty shod, wrought, forged,” kutas “tassle, also a vulgar term for the male member,” kuta “a monk’s habit,” (Middle High German) kutel “butcher.”

Kasprzycki’s 12-volume compendium (the largest reference) gives:


\Arms unknown, recorded circa 1800; from Prussia. –source: Benno von Winkler, Rückblick auf die Vergangenheit Westpreußens (A Look Back at the West Prussian Past), Dantzig, 1873.

source: https://lists.rootsweb.com/hyperkitty/list/herbarz.rootsweb.com/thread/22294794/

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