Lwów / Lvov / Lviv Eaglets (1 – 22 November 1918)

This video is sourced from the youtube channel – Pro Patria Poland Team

The city of Lwów / Lviv / Lemberg is situated 42.5 km (28 miles) from my paternal ancestral town of ‘Komarno’ Комарно, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine / The area between 1772 – 1918 was a part of The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, also known as Galicia or Austrian Poland. Polish was the native language and predominantly inhabited by Poles, closely followed by Ruthenians and than Jews. The video is in relation to the Battle of Lemberg and the Lwów Eaglets, who were children, students and young men/women who defended their city from 1st November 1918 following the collapse of Habsburg Empire and Ukraine took the city and declared it a part of their new Ukrainian Empire. The youngest Eaglet was only 9.

My grandfather Jan Kuta, was born six years after this event began but it would certainly have been a big impact on the lives of my great-grandparents.

Lwów Eaglets (Polish: Orlęta lwowskie) is a term of affection applied to the Polish teenagers who defended the city of Lwów (Ukrainian: L’viv) in Eastern Galicia, during the Polish-Ukrainian War (1918–1919).

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