Gorzkie źale

February 11th 1939, a deep frost had set firmly across the Eastern European province of Galicia, it was reportedly -30c and the deportation of Poles from the boundaries lands had begun.

Gun shots were heard across Lwów and Komarno and panic was already setting in.

The Ukriainian armed soldiers arrived early hours of the morning and demanded that all Poles surrender their homes, life stock and possessions. there was no compassion. They had less than an hour to pack and leave.

With only what they could carry they took, warm blankets and a little food. some were not even afforded this luxury.

Trains at Komarno and Lwów were waiting.

It was so cold children were reportedly found frozen to death and corpses were piling up on the station platforms.

This is how our displaced Polish families were forced to leave their homeland. but through that pain, the cold, the hunger, the absolution that may never be found the Polish men, women and children found their voice.

In every train station from Lwów to Komarno singing was heard, no music, just thousands of voices that carried across Komarno and Lwów. The emotion, their faith, their sorrow – the song they sung was Gorzkie źale

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