Kuta Y-DNA Project

The Kuta surname DNA study is an ongoing project open to any male descendant with the Kuta surname. Our objective is to match up individuals or families who share a common male ancestor with the Kuta surname.

Please e-mail the administrator Stephen Robert Kuta, with a request to join this project. We will add your Haplogroup to the database and showcase the eldest known Kuta family members in your tree.

Haplogroup M458 – Western Slavs

Haplogroup M458

M458 haplogroup is characteristic for western and central Slavs – from the Elbe to the Dnieper. Individual large subclades are in Russia.

Genetic mutations in this group broke into two separate subclasses –

L260 (2600 – 500 BC) and CTS11962.1 (2600 – 1200 BC)

L260 make up 35% of Western-Slavs within this group and CTS11962.1 make up 65%

CTS11962.1 is the sub-class we are most interested in and from this group two further mutations broke away.

these formed the sub-classes

YP515 (1200 – 0 BC) and L1029 (1200 – 100 BC)

YP515 makes up only 15% of this sub-class, whilst L1029 makes up 85%

1 in 150 men carry the L1029 gene.

From this group a further FIVE sub-classes broke away.

YP444 |(0 – 200 CE) / YP263 (0 – 200 CE) / FGC66323 (0 – 200 CE) / and a continued branch of L1029 unaltered for about 3200 years. these five groups are often characterised as the forefathers of the Western Lechites (Poland and Ukraine)

The fifth group is YP417 (0 – 0 CE) and often characterised as the forefathers of Russia and Ukraine OR Eastern Europe. 1 – 450 men carry this gene.

YP417 was a genetic mutation that occurred sometime around the crucifixion.

Of all men that carry this gene 54% Russian / 16% Ukrainian / 13% Romania / 6% Belarus / 4% Polish and 8% other.

Subclad Y417 from branches CTS11962.1 developed in the first millennium BC in east Europe, probably in the area between the middle Dnieper and the Volga. At the beginning of the new era was part of the eastern Wenedes – Antes less Sclavens. Presence in Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria (3-4% of the population) indicates the migration of this haplogroup from the north-east to these countries. Y417 did not reach Hungary and the Dinaric countries. Present in Poland, but not in Germany, which indicates that YP417 migration did not reach the Oder river. Historical description of the migration of Antes to the south in the 5th-7th century AD correspond to the period of development of this subclad. In addition they migrated to the west also.

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Joanne Kuta

Born: abt 1770

Place of Birth: The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria

Haplogroup: R-YP417

Kit Admin: Stephen Robert Kuta

Franciszek KUTA

Born: abt 1796

Place of Birth: Komarno, Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire

Haplogroup: R-YP417

Kit Admin: Stephen Robert Kuta